Sunday, August 20, 2017

ISR Progressive: Total Solar Eclipse - "Leo August 21st 2017"

12:00 dude, for me this is one of the most profound videos you have ever done. sometimes you have to be oblivious to the group, the masses, the media in order to stay on our unique path of realization and enlightenment and to in turn give the gifts that we can give from being connected to our source. i.e. my peer group is angry so i am supposed to be angry now too, or the tv shows an incident of terrorism, so now i am saddened all afternoon, no joy or creativity for me today. man, all that does it take you off your unique journey, maybe you being in joy during the darkness and anger is what is needed to heal the others. it is not selfish at all to remain steadfast in your realization and enlightenment and not give into the despair that is being promoted and almost advertised at this point to us.